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Devenir edition - brass / indigo

base: metal / antique brass

glass opacity: opaque

glass color: indigo

cloth cord: white

light switch: white

3 lbs

Devenir: brass / indigo

  • I present to you ‘Devenir’, my new edition of lamps, or as I call them, lighting sculptures.

    Each sculpture is an art object that focuses our attention on that which nourishes, elevates, affirms, liberates, or gives us confidence to become who we want to be. When we turn on the sculpture, we illuminate and connect with that which inspires –ourself, our passion, our will, and our self-love.

    To orient the focus of your desire, each aspect of the lamp is personalized – like the color of the glass, the components, the material of the base and the message that is engraved upon it.

    The engraved message on which you want to focus your attention could be a symbol, name, word, or phrase. It could be a message that drives you, a message of love to someone else, or perhaps in memory of someone you’d like to keep present – you determine the meaning and function.

    This edition of light sculptures is a reminder that we are all in a perpetual state of becoming. Moment to moment we are presented with the choice of who to be and what to create of our lives.

    There exist oppressions, both external and internal, that can limit our longings. However, there is much that is in our power to drive a fulfilling life – filled with love, care, and connection – with ourselves, with our communities, and with the natural world.

    In our power are our attention and our habits. The habitual use of a ‘Devenir’ lamp cultivates the potency of our desire and catalyzes the impetus of our individual and collective purpose.

    This co-creation becomes, not only something beautiful, built with detail and precision, but also something intimately meaningful, which illuminates you and lasts throughout time.

    This edition of lighting sculptures asks, what are you becoming? what is your ‘Devenir’?