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"Harris' favorite element in the bar area is the light fixture designed by

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga using bicycle chains draped like elegant mesh.

"That's a juxtaposition I love," he says. "A fancy chandelier made with

old bike chains, in a New York townhouse."

" Each F.P.JOURNE boutique around the world is built on the same concept, but with a touch of local culture. 

When a friend showed me a chandelier made by Carolina in a Geneva Boutique, I knew immediately

I had to have one. As the ceiling of our Los Angeles Boutique is very high, Carolina created a special piece

and it was the biggest she had fabricated. This chandelier has a very strong Californian identity, bikes and sun."

- François-Paul Journe, Founder F.P. Journe


"To me this body of work is about transcending function and revindicating refuse. It's a statement to challenge the manufactured necessity for the new and to surpass externally and self-imposed limitations of beauty, vision and action"

- Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Kinosian, Janet, "Bicycle art breaks free with chain." Los Angeles Times 28 Mar. 2017: F12. Print

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