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My name is Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, Caro for short. I relish in the continual process of becoming, invigorated most when immersed in the creative unfolding. I am a Mexican-Brazilian artist and founder of Facaro, a multidisciplinary art studio. I am recognized internationally for 'Connect', my first series of lighting sculptures. 

The 'Connect' series has been featured in LA Times, American Craft magazine, Luxe Magazine, and appeared in Architectural Digest and New York Times, to name a few. It has also been exhibited in the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum in Japan and is permanently displayed at Hotel V, an elegant 4-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam. 'Connect' has been commissioned for residential and commercial spaces in 13 countries around the world.

On November 16, 2023 I launched 'Lucienne', my second series of lighting sculptures at the WestEdge Design fair in Santa Monica, CA, where it was given an IIDA award.


The 'Lucienne' series, meaning 'golden', reimagines the art deco glass rod chandelier through a contemporary lens. It will consist of many editions though for now I am presenting two: 'Devenir', which means 'to become', and 'Aurea' which means 'light'. This series is in homage to my late mother, Lupe Alzaga.


'Lucienne' continues the socio-political themes and introspective self portrait established in 'Connect'.

I am based in Los Angeles, California, where I produce artwork in my South LA art studio.


Who established our ideas of value and beauty, form and function?

To what or whose benefit?

Who benefits from our disconnection to ourselves and to each other?


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