Sunset Magazine (USA)
Recognise Magazine (UK)
Zink Magazine (USA)
Nylon Magazine (Mexico)
Vision Magazine (China)
Design Magazine (China)
Nisha Magazine (Israel)
Mountain Living Magazine (USA)
Glow Magazine (Mexico)
El-Beit Magazine (Egypt)
U Mag (Germany)
Organic Spa Magazine (USA)
Home Couture (Spain)
Bike Art Book (Greece)
Grund Genug Magazine (Germany)
Donde Ir Magazine (Mexico)
Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Magazine (USA)
WÄRME of Ideales Heim (Switzerland)
Cozy Home Magazine (Greece)
Handicraft Magazine (China)
Lohas Magazine (China)
Jyllandsposten Newspaper Sunday Edition (Denmark)
Folha do Sao Paolo Newspaper (Brazil)
2board Magazine (Greece)
Vida Simples (Brazil)


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