photo by Fabiola Torres Alzaga

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga (Caro) is a being in the continual process of becoming, who feels most invigorated when immersed in the artistic process of multiple mediums. She operates under the name Facaro and is recognized internationally for her "Connect" lighting sculpture series.


In the "Connect" Series, Caro centralizes reclaimed bicycle chain to create luxurious, cascading, lighting sculptures in the form of seemingly traditional chandeliers. The pieces stem from Caro's interest in exploring the third function of materials - after their original function, after they become refuse, when they are transformed into something new altogether – effectively reclaiming the ‘discarded’ and ‘invisible’ to create something far more powerful and commanding. 


The "Connect" series lighting sculptures draw inspiration from historical chandeliers, bike punk culture, and a dedication to principles of sustainability. In her art and her life, Caro works to find beauty in nuance and challenges the necessity for the new.


Caro is based in Los Angeles, California, where she produces art and pieces for the CONNECT Series in her downtown studio.



How did you come up with the idea for the CONNECT Series?


The idea for 'The CONNECT Series' began from seeing pots and pans hung from a makeshift pot rack made from a bicycle rim. It inspired me to make a mobile made from a bike rim, bike tube, and bike gears. The result was lovely but too simple and it was the semantic mistake of calling it a bike 'chandelier' and not a mobile that led me to make a proper chandelier.


Where do you get your material?


I source my material from up to 120 different bike shops within 200 miles of LA.


What is "FACARO"?


FACARO is the name I operate under; it's a mash up of my name (CARO)lina (F)ontoura (A)lzaga --> (F)(A)(CARO)


Your chandeliers must weigh a ton! Do they?


You'd be surprised to learn that these chandeliers are comparable in weight to traditional crystal chandeliers. Glass is heavy too. Of course metal is heavier, but not by much. As with your crystal chandelier, you will need to hang these from a sturdy and secure support structure.






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